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Our Available Puppies!

Please read our care information if you are interested in an amazing furry family member!  

Our puppies are thoughtfully raised using the very best genetics, with a proven history of being problem-free.  

Our puppies are raised in a clean and spacious 
environment which
encourages easy 
house-training for their future families. Our goal is raising pets that bring their families a life time of joy and we work towards that goal with excellent socialization and carefully practices, starting at birth.
Bichon Shih Tzu Breeder Arizona
Bichon Shih Tzu Puppy Phoenix
Jello - Female - $1250
Jaxson - Male - $990
Jewel - Female - $1250
Joker - Male - $990
Jubilant - Male - $990
Dover - Male - $1500
Dash - Male - $990
Diesel - Male - $1250

Gender Differences

Male or female?  What's the difference?

Males tend to be more cuddly. They are the snuggly souls who want to sit on your lap for hours on end and gaze at you with rapt adoration.  They will lift their legs and mark things OUTSIDE, provided you neuter them on time (5-6 months of age) and are not predisposed to indoor marking.

Females tend to be more independent in nature.  They are the dogs who love to be WITH you, and sit near you, but not necessarily on you.  A higher percentage of females are hard wired to be pack leaders, meaning they can be a bit more stubborn and resistant to training as they try to lead your family pack.  They also kill the grass when they urinate, but extra watering can avoid this.

Is there cross over between the genders?  Meaning females who love to snuggle and males who are independent?  Yes!  But a higher percentage of each gender will be as we describe.

In the end, both genders make wonderful pets!

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