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Meet our Parents!


Our parents are treasured family members.  They love to go on vacation with us, sit on the couch and watch movies and enjoy car rides.  They are living life to the full and passing some of that love onto their healthy, sweet puppies is a natural progression.


I'm a sweet and gentle girl who loves to snuggle.  I can't wait to have attention from my human pals.  I love to go on walks, chew on bones and generally be a couch potato.  With my wavy coat, apricot color,  lovely color and longer nose length, I'm a beautiful girl.


Vena is a sweet heart, sunshine of a girl.  With her outgoing personality and her love for life, she brings joy wherever she goes.  She weights about 10 lbs and has the most gorgeous coat in color, thickness and silky texture.  


What a handsome boy with his rich and rare red coat!  He's also a real snuggler, a gentle soul and a lover of walks!  He weighs about 11lbs and is a beautiful boy with his level bite and tearless features.

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